Member Spotlight: Neonne Ameer

Civic Corps News, May 2018

Sunday, June 3, 2018 — Member Spotlight:
Neonne Ameer

1. What convince you to apply for Ameri-
Corps Civic Corps?

I decided to apply to the AmeriCorps Civic Corps program
because it gave me an opportunity to take a gap year
away from my professional
endeavors, but to also
utilize the skills gained from
my college coursework, as
well as my teaching skills.

2. What do you love
about your host site?
I've actually known my host
site since I started as a
CUNY Service Corps
member a few years ago,
so I already had insight to
the ins and outs of the
organization. I do enjoy that
I can implement my
management and
leadership skills while
working here.

3. Why did you pick the host site that you're
in now?
I chose my host site because I wanted to continue the
work I started here, but also to help with creating
sustainable and lasting systems to help with the growth of
the organization.

4. What are you hoping to do after your Civic
Corp service?
I'm hoping to continue my work into the Non-profit world,
but to also learn the structures behind it in graduate/
certificate programs.

5. What is one advise you would give to fu-
ture AmeriCorps Civic Corps member?

My advice is to make connections everywhere you go,
and to also take advantage of all the free help that is
being offered.